Monday, December 6, 2010

Three Years

Last Wednesday marked the day in which three years ago I married the most wonderful guy I know.

Early on one of the things that set Jeremy apart was that the more I got to know him, the more I liked and admired him. This soon grew into a strong love for him and a desire to be his wife. We both knew that we were better together than we were apart as individuals. Our lives were more effective for the glory of God and the service of others by being with one another.

There's no way I could put in words what I love about him, but here is an attempt to name a few...

His understanding of Scripture. He has an amazing gift of pulling things out of passages in the bible that I have never thought of. It stretches me to think outside of my box and gives me a more complete understanding.  Which leads me to...

His teaching. I love listening to him teach. His teaching style is very interactive and participatory. So it's really great to see him lead discussions on Scripture.

His love for the down-and-out. The compassion he has for those who are often overlooked is something I noticed right away and have admired ever since.

His generosity. He is one of the most giving people I've known. He does not know the word "stingy." This has been a major refining part of my life, as I am much slower and skeptical to give. But his generous heart has freed me from the strong grasp I had on what I thought was mine. 

His hard work ethic. I noticed what a hard worker he was when we worked together at camp. He still has this instilled in him.  He is not lazy about what he does.

His handyman skills. He can fix anything, which he may not see as a blessing when he gets my "honey-do" lists.

His humor. I love laughing with him. He's so funny. It's the best when he gets into a character. As long as he's dressed up in character, he will not break out of it. I remember when he was the "Redneck Avenger" for Halloween one year. We rode all the way to Summerville (40 minute drive) and he never once talked as if he was Jeremy. He was the Redneck Avenger the whole time. That was a fun drive.

His knowledge of current events. If he didn't keep up with the news, I would have no idea what was going on in the world.

His love for coffee. He was working at a coffee shop when we first started hanging out. Now that I'm thinking back, how was this not a huge sign?

His creativity. He's full of good ideas and innovative thoughts. We've had some of the most fun memories that were a result of his creative plans.

Last, but definitely not least...
His love for his son. The love, attention, care, patience and concern he shows towards Finn is the most heartwarming thing to me. I could watch them play for hours. Our son will know how much his daddy loves him because of how Jeremy lavishes it on him. It is truly watching love in action.

I know we've only been married three short years but they have been very life-shaping years in which we've grown, learned and loved with each other. I can't wait for the years to come!

And here are a few of my favorite photos over the years that I could find.

Our first date. Whatta catch. (haha, that was funny, right?)
Perfect proposal.

Wedding day!

Dogs, travel, costumes, randoms.

*So everyone knows, the "costume" here is his mustache.

To finish up this long post (sorry!), here are some pics from our recent anniversary in downtown Greenville.

We were only going to take a couple bites of dessert...

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  1. Thanks for sharing Rebecca! This makes my heart feel good. Love you!