Saturday, December 10, 2011

If, Then

If you think pipe cleaners are headbands, you are going to have a collection that unknowingly fell on the back of your neck as you tried to put them on...
Then walk around for a while as they fall off slowly.

If you're checking out a tree in which you are already a little nervous about...
Then you are going to have a quick scare of death when you take one step too far in it.

If I cook us a nice breakfast that you would have gobbled up yesterday or tomorrow...
Then of course today you only want Cheerios.

If you get very frustrated the wagon won't move anymore...
Then just take a deep breath, calm down and do the next best thing - get in.

If you say, "No more pictures, ma"...
Then I will try extra hard to get one.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pollett Secret Apple Pie Recipe Revealed

One thing I am very thankful for is that Jeremy is not a picky eater. At all.

Case in point: the other night he saw we had some canned apple filling. So naturally he wanted to make a apple pie. He found an old pie crust. And of course he wanted some type of topping, so he broke (not crushed) cinnamon graham crackers. Clever, huh? Yeah...

Oh and then he forgot about it in the oven and it burnt some of his highly-crafted graham crackers.

Does this sound like a good, homebaked apple pie to you? Well, if you're Jeremy Pollett, the answer is, "Yes, the best."

Ah, the joy of my husband. I love him.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Time!

I had not been in a very Christmas-y spirit. I think it's because we still have 80º weather and it just doesn't feel like Christmas. Honestly, I didn't really want to get the tree, do anything in the house or listen to Christmas music. I know, you can call me Scrooge and have pity on Tiny Finn.

Well, Jeremy and I have an anniversary tradition that we couldn't break. We go to dinner, then go pick out a tree and come home to decorate. This year we kinda revised it though. We still went out to dinner but we took Finn to Mrs. Nilsa's house the next day so that we could get a tree and spend the day decorating the house without a little one getting into everything.

And...I think I found the cure to breakout of the lack of Christmas spirit: even when you don't feel like it, put up the tree, decorate, blast Christmas tunes and dress like it's 32º outside  (Just kidding about the last part.)

Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to people who enjoy his favor! Luke 2:14

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On the Road

From October 20 through November 10th Finn and I were in Charleston for a total of 4 days. 

Whew! This was the most I’ve travelled since college. 

Here’s what we did:

Here we are on our way to Greenville and we stopped at the Columbiana Mall to eat some lunch and burn off energy for the rest of the trip. I love watching Finn at playgrounds.
Can you find Finn?

Then when we got to Greenville, we saw Finn's basketball goal was ready to be used. Finn did awesome. I think he's gonna be our basketball superstar.

I was in Greenville for a couple days and got to see my Greenville girls. (Unfortunately no picture was taken) Then for the weekend, I headed to Lake Lure for Jamie's bachelorette weekend. We had a lot of fun just lounging around, talking, laughing, eating and enjoying our gorgeous view!

Once back in Greenville my mom had her first Tastefully Simple party. This was the first time I've tried their food and it it was awesome! If anyone would like to host a party, let her or me know. They are super fun because you eat the whole time! Plus, their prices are very great. (around $5-$8/item) This is her placing her first order. Way to go, Mom!

Then we took Finn to Skytop Orchard. It is a place we used to go and I wanted to take Finn there too. He had a blast and slept like a baby that night. Well, he is a baby, so I guess that’s how he would sleep. But you know what I mean. I also had the best donut of my life.

By now it is Wednesday of that week and I went to Atlanta to see my BFF, Amy, and her family. It was great to hang out and meet 2 of her 3 boys for the first time. They were so fun! However, I am a bad friend and only took this picture. 
(Atlanta also means getting to go to the best gas station ever - QT!)

I got back in Greenville and rested a day in preparation for the big wedding weekend of Jamie Ball Dawson!

After the wedding we headed back to Charleston and our family was happily reunited. 

While we were home, Finn found a new favorite “toy.” I really hope he isn’t trying to tell me something. I think Grandmama Faye rubbed off on him.

So after 4 great days in Charleston, we packed back up – actually, who am I kidding? I never unpacked – and headed back to Greenville so that Granddaddy and Grandmama could keep Finn while Rachel and I went to Colorado! Rachel will be moving to Denver in January to pursue her Masters in Counseling at Denver Seminary. We are very sad that she won’t be nearby for the next few years, but we are equally excited that she is following the Lord’s call on her life. I know she is going to be an amazing counselor and will help many. Also, now Jeremy and I can have a free place to stay when we want to go to Colorado!

Here are some snapshots of Denver and the surrounding area.

Look what I found!

Here are Rachel's apartments where she'll be living and the campus.

And this is her "backyard." Pretty awesome, huh?

Our fantastic host.

Whoops, here is the real one, Stef. (Rachel and the cat above really bonded, by the way)

And here are a couple of the best meals I’ve ever had.

We stayed one more day in Greenville once we got back from CO. Finn loved going to Granddaddy’s office and showing off. (I think Granddaddy liked it too)

And now here we are, home sweet home, and getting back to our normal routine. I’m so thankful for Jeremy working so hard and being so kind to support and encourage us to do things like this. But nothing beats home and being together as a family.