Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Fast!

It's been several weeks since I've posted anything. Time is going by so fast, and our boy is growing so quickly. He now has two teeth, says "dadadadada" all the time, gets on all fours and tries his best to move forward, waves and says "Hi, how are you today?" (Just kidding about the "Hi, how are you today?")

We've also had some big changes in both of our jobs, which I'll try to update on that soon.

Until then, here are just a few quick snapshots since the last post.

Loving his elephant camo.

Almost got it!

Check out that hair!

First experience with a lemon. Sorry, buddy.

Happy or mad? Happy!

Sleeping like a baby.


  1. I may be cruel but I absolutely love the faces babies make when they eat lemons. Love it.

    And what a sweet, sweet sleeping picture. Those crossed legs are precious!

  2. Good heavens, he's cute! Those really want to squeeze those legs.

    And I agree with Greta, lemons + babies = hilarious.