Thursday, October 13, 2011

Month in Pictures

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I have been nonexistent in the blog-writing world for over a month. I'm sorry for the two of you who may read my posts.

When I am on the computer, I find myself here:

I love Pinterest! It has occupied way too much computer time lately.

But for the moment I'm back here. For those of you who do blog, do you feel like it's hard to come up with something to post when you have had a long extended period between them? I do. I have no idea what to write, so I'm just going to put some photos of what we have been up to for the last month and hopefully I'll get back on track of updating quicker.

Vacation. This was our first real vacation. We went with my family to Kiawah. It was so so much fun! We did a lot of eating, chasing Finn, drinking coffee, eating, playing on the beach, chasing Finn, riding bikes, eating, chasing Finn, going to the playground and a little relaxing. Oh, and eating and chasing Finn.

My very favorite picture.

Nice weather. Now that we are having nicer weather, we can play outside during the day without a potential heat stroke. This boy had a meltdown when we had to go inside though. Sorry.
Skateboarding. Finn's first skating escapade. Don't worry, Mom, we'll get him a helmet for the next one.
Bed-head. Now that Finn's hair is longer, we never know what it'll look like when he wakes up. Also, he's naturally taken on the Rentz tradition of laying by a space heater. He even turns it on himself. I'm so proud.
Making a surfboard. Jeremy has been working hard on this board and it is looking awesome. Finn wants to help put his bubbles on it. Maybe next time, buddy.
Columbia. We took a weekend trip to see Aunt Rachel in Columbia. We had a lot of fun in her neighborhood park.
Home project. I did a quick sunroom clean up. I didn't want to spend any money, so I just scronged around the garage to find what we had. Nothing major or fancy, but now we can better go out there to read and hang out.

 Bonding. Nothing says good father/son time like sharing earbuds watching the iPad.

Barnes and Noble. We have frequented B&N lately to play in the children's section. It's all fun and games until he starts pulling the books off the shelf. We nip that in the bud. That'd be a lot of books to have to pick up.
Pumpkin Carving. We had a pumpkin carving party for the college students. There were some really cool designs and it was a perfect night!
Climbing. Finn now tries to climb on anything he can.
Alrighty, I hear my boy waking up. I wonder what his hair will be like. 

Until next time...
which will hopefully be less than a month.

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