Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Big 3-0

I'm a little late with this, but someone had a big birthday - my wonderful husband turned 30! It ended up being spread out over a few weeks, but who doesn't mind a little extra celebration?

I'll take you through the quick timeline.

Tuesday, April 10 I went shopping for his "big" present - a fly rod & line to go with his fly reel he received for Christmas from his dad. There were a couple things I learned.
1. Those things ain't cheap! 
2. I don't need to get "big" presents until the day of a celebration. Our neighbor, Rhett, helped me with knowing what to purchase. Also, he was taking Jeremy fishing that Saturday for his birthday. So with my excitement and Rhett's convincing, I ended up giving it to him that night. I actually went inside my house to get a drink and came out with his present. Aigh ai ai.

The next scheduled thing was his cookout. This was supposed to be Saturday, April 14th. I had most of the party all ready to go, but I knew that it was pretty tentative since Jeremy's grandpa was on the verge of passing. Since he did pass a couple days before, we ended up postponing for a couple weeks.

Thursday, April 19th was Jeremy's actual birthday. Our wonderful neighbors & friends, the Harters, watched Finn, and we went to grab a quick dinner, followed by cake (actually, key lime pie) with the Harters and our kids.

Finally, on Saturday, April 28th, we had our big birthday bash. We had lots of friends and kids over to cook out in the front yard, play corn hole & wiffle ball and eat a lot. Times like this really make you know how blessed you are for having such great friends. It was an awesome time of fellowship as a big family.

Mmmm...Publix cake.
My birthday boy!

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