Friday, January 7, 2011

Big Weekend!

A couple milestones happened last weekend for Finn.
He began eating solid food.
He rolled over.

This is how the food happened:
Finn: Mom, I'm so bored with this bottle-only stuff. May I have something else, please?
(See, he already has great manners)

Me: Sure! How does rice cereal sound? If you like that, I'll give you some of our sweet potatoes later.
Finn: Yay!

Round 1: Rice Cereal.

Round 2: Sweet Potatoes

Me: So, how did you like the potatoes?
Finn: Not good, mom. Not good.

Finn: Just kidding!

This is how he rolled over:
Please keep in mind a few things: I was not actually there, he had the same clothes on during the roll, he was in his crib and was fussy. Other that, this is exactly how it was.

What will be next?

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