Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Martha Stewart's Friend's Sister's Cousin's Niece

That's what I called myself for a day a couple weeks ago.

I've really enjoyed looking at Do-It-Yourself blogs recently. They inspire me to want to be like Martha Stewart around the house, although I shouldn't even put our names in same sentence. But I did have a little spare time around the New Year, so I ventured out and tried my first DIY project: our guest room's headboard.

Sidenote (everyone should expect these by now, hopefully): Brace yourself. This is pretty wild. This headboard was our next door neighbor's (Rhett) childhood headboard in Greenville. Yes, the headboard he had as a child eventually ended up next door to him in our house. 
This is the adventure of the headboard and how it ended up in our home...
My husband, Jeremy (who did not know Rhett before we moved in next door), got it from his parents' house.
His parents got it from Jeremy's friend, Seth, who lived with his parents during his college clinicals.
Seth got it from his friend, Matt, during college.
Matt got it from Rhett, his college roommate.
Is that not crazy?! What the heck are the odds that you would end up with your neighbor's childhood bed???

Oh yeah, I also went to high school with Rhett and I went to elementary, middle (even carpooled throughout middle school) and high school with his wife, Jodi. Now we live 20 feet from each other in Charleston. Pretty cool, huh?

OK, back on track.

We had people pretty steadily living with us for the first couple years of our marriage, so we didn't really have a chance to set up a proper guest room. Now that we don't foresee anyone living with us in the near future, I wanted to finally set it up. However, we're on a tighter budget, so we couldn't buy new furniture or paint anytime soon. (That was my excuse for not painting, at least.) So...enter my attempt at a DIY revamp with what we had.

Here is the headboard in its original Rhett's-childhood-glory:

After a few hours of sanding and painting with leftover paint from Finn's room, this is how it turned out:

And here it is in the guestroom. I also recovered the lamp shade with $1 fabric from Walmart:

So, there she is, my first DIY'er. We'll see what's going to be next.

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