Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Such-and-Such Moments

This past weekend was beautiful and we finally got to play outside and even wear short sleeves. As you can see, Finn loves going on walks and he would start laughing every time I stopped. 
Finn is 5 months now and he keeps getting more fun as his little personality is developing. He's a laid-back little fellow who smiles and laughs easily. However, when he realizes he's hungry, you get him his bottle stat! I mean, he didn't get this big quietly. 
I had lunch this weekend with someone I consider not only a great friend, but also an example of a godly wife and mother I hope to be. After our time together, it was really impressed on my heart to become more steadfast in prayer for Finn. 
I have the tendency to be very quick to look towards books & websites when I am unclear about something. Like when I was pregnant, I tried reading everything recommended, such as Babywise, Secrets of a Baby Whisperer, What to Expect When You're Expecting, Healthy Sleep Habits, You Having a Baby and on & on. 
Do you know how overwhelming and exhausting this can be? But in my mind I thought, "I need to know as much as possible before this baby gets here so that I can be prepared to know exactly what to do when such-and-such happens." 
Well, do you also know how stressful it can get when that such-and-such happens and the books' solutions are not working? At least for me, very stressful.
Thankfully, there was a defining moment when I gave up trying so hard for Finn to fit into these nice, neat boxes that the books presented and to know that the Lord made him to be an individual. My Father would be the one who guides me, His daughter, in what do in these such-and-such moments if I would just seek the wisdom, direction and steps that He promises to give when I ask. 
For instance, 2 Peter 1:3 says that God has given me everything I need for a godly life, which in turn means being a godly wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend - things my heart wants so badly to be. Truly knowing that God has equipped me with all I need has been extremely freeing in my daily life. 
Later in that same chapter it says we need to be constantly reminded of what God has done for us and the things we are to pursue with our lives. I think that's what the ultimate purpose was in hanging out with my friend on Saturday. Like Peter did, she reminded me of important truths. And sometimes we just need to be reminded, not instructed, right?
She retold that God has given me exactly what I need to be a good wife and mom. Things like: His forgiveness that lifts any guilt I carry, Scripture, prayer, discernment, the mind & wisdom of Christ, common sense, godly friends' counsel & experience. 
And I was refreshed.
Again, isn't God good? He's big enough to create the universe and yet personal enough to give me wisdom on how to calm my crying child. That's a God I can worship, trust and love.
My friend and Finn. She also has the gift of putting him to sleep.

(I also just wanted to say I don't think books are bad. I love reading books and gaining insight from them. However, this has released me from looking to them as my first line of answers and guidance. They are a tool for me, not THE tool.)

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