Thursday, February 24, 2011

M.I.A. and President's Day

Look who's feeling better!

First, yesterday was our boy's SIX month birthday! What?! I can't believe it! What an awesome six months it's been.

Secondly, I have been M.I.A. recently (which I now will say stands for Mom In Action). A couple weeks ago Finn came down with RSV which then turned into pneumonia. While taking care of him at his sickest, I was so struck by the depth of love for him. I really felt like a momma more than ever in those times.

Speaking of mommas, mine came down during the next week to take care of him so that we could go back to work. While she was here Jeremy and I both got sick too. I had a terrible stomach bug that will go down in my personal history book as I day I never want to repeat. Little did my mom know that she'd be taking care of all her kids. She was wonderful and I was so glad she was with us!

So now we're all on the road to recovery and, as you saw, feeling much better!

Finally, Monday was my favorite holiday, President's Day. (Not really, but any day I get to take off of work becomes my favorite.) So in honor of the Day, Finn and I went to the historic downtown Charleston to soak up all the presidential info we could. (Again, not really why we went.) We had a blast! The weather was perfect, Finn loved it and I got to treat myself to Yogurt Mountain. What could be better on President's Day?

Here are some pictures of this monumental day.

This is how it began.

So while Finn was fast asleep, I took some snapshots with my phone as we walked.

Finn woke up and was excited to find out he was no longer in the car, but outside instead.

So we piddled around Waterfront Park. He felt the breeze through his quickly growing hair, looked over the rails at the water and watched kids playing in the fountain.

After Waterfront Park we began our trek to the Mountain. Yogurt Mountain. Finn settled down in the bottom of his seat and played with his feet the whole way.

We finally arrived and I made a delicious concoction. None of that fruity stuff for me. Espresso and peanut butter yogurt with chocolatey goodness was my combo of choice. While I ate, Finn played and then I told him he had to throw some academics in there. It's never too early to learn about horses, so he gladly obliged. Once I finished (I had to eat first. I mean, my yogurt would've melted!), I gave him a bottle and then we made our way back home.

Now that I think about it, if I got to do this every President's Day, I do believe it would be my favorite holiday.

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