Monday, March 7, 2011

Romance and Injuries

I'm really behind with blogging. I am breaking my promise that I would try to blog frequently. So this entry is talking about what a great weekend we had...last weekend.

It was so nice in Charleston. Since Finn was fully recovered, we spent a lot of it outside.

On Saturday night we had a crab boil with some of our closest friends, who happen to also be our next door neighbors. So fun!

You know, I really like crabmeat but I don't like the work you have to put into getting such a small amount out. In fact, I punctured my finger with a blasted shell and that was the end of it for me. Food should not make you bleed. Just give me already-made crabcakes, please.

Here are some pics from a fun night.

The goods...

The bads...Look at them. They're just waiting to stick you. You think those claws are safe since the poor crab is dead, but they're still dangerous, I tell ya!

The future couple. They just don't know it yet...

Or do they?
This is Addie movin' in to sneak a kiss.

She's saying, "In 4 seconds I am going to lay one on you, ok?"

Notice that the daddy's back is towards them. That's why she said it had to happen right then and there, but I don't think Finn quite knows what he's in store for.

And there is it. So serious. Eyes closed and all.

I think we can assume that Addie liked it but Finn is bracing himself because he has no idea what just happened.

Since he decided he was good with it, this is them planning the next one. But I have a feeling this time the daddies will be watching!

And that was our crab boil - full of new romance and traumatic injuries.

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