Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finn's Birthday & the Uninvited Guest

Finn is one today! (Well, he was one on Tuesday. It's just taken me a while to finally finish this)

What an awesome year it has been. There were so much joy and sentiment when I reflected on it.

The Lord is so good and has done such a work in my heart through His gift of Finn.
  There is a softness and tenderness that wasn't as prevalent. 
  There is an overflowing joy in the simple things.
  There is a heavy responsibility for a life we've been given.
Mostly though, there is a deeper understanding and thankfulness that I have a Parent in heaven who loves me as His child. Even though this is a love of such great proportions that I cannot completely fathom, there is a better relation now that I have my own child too.

I've prayed that God would direct my prayers towards Finn. I've asked Him to give me specific words. For a long time, set apart was what I was to pray over him. More recently it has been pure, as in Matthew 5:8, "blessed are the pure in heart, for they (he) shall see God." Oh, how I pray he is set apart and sees God at an early age.

We love our boy and can't wait to see who he grows to become.

On a lighter note, we had an awesome time celebrating Finn's birthday on Sunday with our friends and family. However, there was a very rude, uninvited guest who came. Who, you may ask?

The dirty, nasty, no-good stomach bug. 

I mean, did he not know this was a big weekend for us and we did not want him there???

The party was originally to be Saturday evening, but Finn began running a fever Thursday night. By Friday, he threw up and was down-for-the-count. I also felt queasy all day. We assumed it was a 24-hour bug like it was that for all those around us who previously had it. He and I were feeling much better on Saturday, but we didn't want to risk it lingering for the guests. So we changed it to Sunday lunch after church.

Well, Saturday night that darn bug showed back up to visit Jeremy. He threw up all night and felt really badly on Sunday. We warned everyone and several understandably decided to pass on the party. But we still had a blast and loved sharing a great celebration of life with many of our friends and family.

Here are a few pictures of the occasion. I have to say that the face-plant in the cake was my favorite part.

*After the bug visited us all, he has been kicked out and asked never to return. Especially to a party. I suggest you ask him to do the same.

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  1. Oh no! How awful!!! So glad you guys still had a great time celebrating little Finn though. I miss you guys!!!! :)