Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Fun

I'm a little late on this, but we had a great Easter! Celebrating Jesus' resurrected life, along with having Jeremy off from work, awesome fellowship with friends, tasty food and great weather made for a really nice day. Here are a few snapshots from it.

I must say my men were looking quite sharp.

Run like the wind, Finn!
This is the fourth year that we've gone to our friends', Kevin and Shannon, mom's house on the lake in Eutawville. It's become a tradition and is always a blast. We feel like part of a big family when we go, which is really nice.

Here's Finn waiting on lunch.
Last year's Easter at the lake was Finn's first time in the water and he loooooved it. (That made his daddy happy and relieved!) Here are a couple pics as reminders for what is next.

This year Jeremy was going to take him on his first kayak ride. Finn had already been wading and splashing around on the boat ramp, so he was very eager to get in the water. A little too eager. That boy would not sit still in the kayak. He kept trying to climb out so that he could just swim. It was hilarious! Jeremy's idea of having a sweet, relaxing kayak trip with Finn quickly turned into a hold-on-to-Finn's-dear-life-and-turn-around-asap trip. Oh well, it was a memory. 

Finally in the water!

When I saw Finn like this, he just seemed so old to me. I could so easily imagine him years down the line doing the same thing.

Juice before we packed up and headed home.
 And one last unintended picture from last year and this year.

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