Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Things Said

My husband can say some funny things when he's asleep.

Take last night. Since he has to be at work at 4am, he goes to sleep way before I do. So as I was walking into the room to go to bed, this was our conversation.
J: What's up?
Me: Nothing. Just getting into bed.
J: Who is it?
Me: It's me. Your wife.
J: Oh.

This reminded me of another funny question he asked when I was 8 months pregnant. In the middle of the night (probably after I had gotten back in bed from using the bathroom for the 10th time), he rolled over, touched my huge belly and then it went something like this, 
J: when did you get that?
Me: Huh?!?
J: What is it?
Me: It's your baby in there.
J: Oh. Congratulations.

Ah, always entertaining.

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